Monster Truck Racing: Finals



Bigfoot vs. Excaliber


Once again two legendary names would face off here in Johnstown, PA...Bigfoot and Excaliber.  Both trucks left the line hard and quick, getting to and leaving the ramp almost neck and neck.  The trucks touched down and it was close to call, but not too close.  Across the finish line first it was Dave Harkey in Bigfoot, taking the blue Ford to the winner's circle the first race day in Johnstown.


Dave Harkey lines up Bigfoot in the far lane against an old rival truck, Excaliber driven by Sean Duhon.


The two behemoths fly off their ramps barreling towards the finish line.



With the announcement of Bigfoot winning the Final Round over Excaliber, Harkey circled around for a parade lap headed back towards the far lane.  With a blip of the throttle Dave Harkey took Bigfoot over the Racing ramp, landed quick and brought the front end up and rode it out in a quick rebound wheelie, much to the approval of the crowd who showed Bigfoot some love!


Dave Harkey rides out a celebratory wheelie in the victorious Bigfoot Ford.



After the Finals had been run, the Racing results were as follows:







Dave Harkey

Sean Duhon

Casey Ladelle

Jack Brady

Bill Payne



Hot Stuff

Mopar Magic

High Voltage


With Racing complete, it was time to get the track prepped for some Freestyle action!  Click "Next Page" for some Monster Truck Freestyle!