Monster Truck Racing: Semi-Finals



Excaliber vs. Mopar Magic


The first heat of the Semi-Final Round would see two old names go at it.  Mopar Magic was given a berth in the Semis after owner and driver Jack Brady was able to get the bugs out of the RII system, but would have to line up against Round 1 winner Sean Duhon and Excaliber.  Sean Duhon took it a bit easy and was able to take Jack Brady and his purple Dodge out without a problem, taking the first spot in the Monster Truck Finals.


Sean Duhon flies Excaliber to the Finish Line just as Jack Brady leaves the ramp in Mopar Magic.


Jack Brady crosses the Finish line in Mopar Magic well behind Excaliber.



Hot Stuff vs. Bigfoot


After narrowly taking out his boss in Round 1, the California native Casey Ladelle would have his work cut out for him in the Semis as he would have to pull to the line against Dave Harkey and big blue Bigfoot Ford.  Off the line it was easy to see who the winner would be, as Harkey charged hard off the Starting line and left Hot Stuff in his dust.  With that, Harkey crossed the Finish line for an easy win and a spot in the Monster Truck Racing Finals.


Dave Harkey takes flight, crossing the Finish line way ahead of Casey Ladelle in Hot Stuff.


Casey Ladelle (left) just crossing the Finish line in Hot Stuff.



Monster Truck Racing: 3rd/4th Place Race



Mopar Magic vs. Hot Stuff


The two leafers of this race would square up to see who would walk out with the 3rd place Racing finish.  With Mopar Magic running fat, Casey was able to get off the line and to the ramp faster than Jack Brady was able to, finally getting the win to claim 3rd place in Racing, but not without a fight!  It actually came down to a photo finish, with the photo showing Casey crossing the Finish line first.  Jack Brady on the other hand had some post race issues as a header fire started up because of a broken line near the engine, which was quickly put out by the track crew.


Casey Ladelle jumps Hot Stuff into 3rd place, just ahead of Jack Brady and Mopar Magic.


Crewman Zane Rettew extinguishes the header fire as Jack Brady uses the onboard fire suppression system.


Jack Brady emerges from Mopar Magic after having the fire extinguished.


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