Monster Truck Racing: Round 1



Hot Stuff vs. High Voltage


Right off the bat the First Round of Racing would see two teammates go head to head; the boys from the West Coast Straight Up Motorsports team would line it up and see who would come out on top.  Both Jeeps left the line hard, but it was Casey Ladelle in the red one that was able to get to, get over, and get off the ramp quicker and later take the win from his boss in the far lane.  Moving onto the Semi-Finals would be Casey Ladelle in Hot Stuff.


The two Jeeps jump off the rollers as they head for the Finish Line.


Casey Ladelle has some fun after beating his boss, seen here riding out a quick wheelie past the Finish Line.



Excaliber vs. bye


Originally this match-up was supposed to be Excaliber and Mopar Magic, but Jack Brady had to pull off the track after experiencing some mechanical difficulties with the Remote Ignition Interrupter (RII).  With that, Sean Duhon just had to run the course, which he did, resulting in a cruise to the Semis.


Sean Duhon cruises the course to a Round 1 victory.



Bigfoot vs. High Voltage


As Fast Qualifier, Dave Harkey would line up in Round 1 against the loser of the first heat, Bill Payne in High Voltage.  Off the line Bigfoot hooked up real good, lifting the front tires off the ground heading towards the ramp.  Harkey launched Bigfoot off the ramp, landing past the Finish line for the win and began bringing Bigfoot to a halt only as Bill Payne was landing from his jump, easily moving onto the Semi-Finals.


Dave Harkey lifts Bigfoot's front end off the ground in the near lane.


Dave Harkey launches Bigfoot to a Round 1 victory while Bill Payne just comes up his ramp in the far lane.


Harkey slows down Bigfoot after the Finish line just as Bill Payne is about to cross it in High Voltage.


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