Monster Truck Qualifying



The Monster Truck course would consist of just one jump in each lane, with the Monster Trucks going at it in side-by-side straight line drag racing.



Mopar Magic


First up was the local boy out of Pennsylvania, Jack Brady in Mopar Magic.  Jack and his crew had just finished up some extensive engine work only days prior, and found Mopar Magic to be running really rich.  Bogging down some, Jack crossed the Finish Line with a time of 3.98 seconds.


Jack Brady jumps Mopar Magic off the second ramp in Mopar Magic during Qualifying.



Hot Stuff


The first of the West Coast boys would be the 21 year old Casey Ladelle out of California.  Driving one of the oldest...if not the oldest Monster Truck (built in 1983) still in competition and performing today, Casey showed that the old-school style front engine trucks could run hard, running the straight line course in a very respectable time of 3.60 seconds.


Casey Ladelle jumping the Hot Stuff jeep off of the Racing hill.



High Voltage


Next up would be the other West Coast connection, Casey Ladelle's boss Bill Payne in the yellow High Voltage Jeep.  Bill ran it hard, but the older design of the truck only allowed him to clock in with a time of 3.81 seconds.


Bill Payne airs out High Voltage off the ramp as he flies to the Finish line.





Up second to last to Qualify would be the first of only two tube trucks in attendance in Johnstown, Sean Duhon in Excaliber.  Sean launched off the Start line and hit the ramp hard, getting a big jump and landing just in front of the Finish line.  After setting the track on fire, Sean's time was in...a scorching time of a mere 3.21 seconds was all it took for Sean Duhon and Excaliber to get from Point A to Point B.


Sean Duhon flies Excaliber off the ramp to take on the quick Qualifying spot with one truck left to run.





Finally would come the legendary Bigfoot with Dave Harkey behind the wheel.  Sean Duhon had set the bar, but Harkey had it in his eyes to jump clear over it, and that's exactly what Dave Harkey did in Bigfoot.  Coming off the line hard, Dave jumped Bigfoot well off the ramp and touched down almost clear past the Finish line.  The time came across the PA system and everyone was shocked...Dave Harkey showed everyone up running the only sub 3 second run, clocking in at a blistering time of 2.90 seconds.  Bigfoot would start the event off on top!


Dave Harkey jumps Bigfoot high and long to and across the Finish line to secure the No. 1 Qualifying spot.



After Dave's run, the Qualifying order looked like this:







Dave Harkey

Sean Duhon

Casey Ladelle

Bill Payne

Jack Brady



Hot Stuff

High Voltage

Mopar Magic







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